AI Fruit-Picker!


  • Tevel Aerobotics Technologies LTD is a company developing drones that are capable of locating fruits that are ripe enough and pick it up using its robotic hands.
  • It offers these drones along with the software to manage it and your fruit-harvesting needs.


  • It makes use of #AI and Computer Vision tech to locate trees and fruits and classify it in the basis of its ripeness and size.
  • It even lets you calculate how many days it will take a particular fruit to ripe so that it will by plucked only at the right time.
  • Their website reads – “The best fruit pickers in the world by FAR” FAR being Flying Autonomous #Robots.
  • Their platform provides a dashboard which enables famers to better manage their harvest.


  • These provide solution for the shortage of hand-pickers and also helps farmers to minimize their operating expenses in the form of payment to hand-pickers.
  • Quite some fruits are left behind by human pickers due to them being hard to reach. Even there are cases where

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