Antitrust: Google

Google has been charged with numerous antitrust lawsuits for some months now. The latest is regarding its dominance over the search engine industry, which asks a complete rejig of the search engine.

There are other players providing the same service, like Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckgo etc. with a combined market share of less than 10%. The rest? – Google!

They have a contract with Apple for $10 billion and with Mozilla for about $5 billion a year for showing Google as the default search engine. It shows the use of monetary resources to prevent the entry of smaller players one of the reasons for the antitrust lawsuits. In its defense, Google said people could change their default browser to any which one they like.

Dominance over search engine is different than having dominance over a market for physical product in that in the latter, if monopoly is proved, the product may be recalled. But, in the case of search engine, the more you stay, the more data you collect which feeds other algorithms which contributes exponentially to the company and calling back the product would not necessarily bring us back to stage one.

At this point of time, there has been many improvements and modifications over its search feature. A complete alteration hereafter may not be the best move.


Shreesha S
Shreesha S

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