Some Less Known Amazon-Bezos Facts

Long-time CEO and founder of Amazon – Jeff Bezos recently stepped down as CEO and took the post of Executive Chairman of Amazon. He is succeeded by Andy Jassy, who has been at Amazon since 1996 and has led Amazon Web Services since its inception in 2003. Lets look at some less-known facts about Amazon and Bezos.

  • Bezos wanted to name his company Cadabra – he was of the view that his company would provide a magical experience to its customers- but, his lawyer pointed out that spoken aloud, it sounded like “cadaver”.
  • Bezos is obsessed with the word “Relentless”. The word appears in his book – “Invent and Wander” a total of 17 times. He has also registered the domain name which actually takes you to Amazon is actually quite relentless. It is trying to reach customers in every which way possible and is relentless in that aspect!
  • By some estimates, he makes $149,000 every minute and has added $13 billion to his net worth in a single day in the middle of the pandemic.
  • It is quite the giant and has the power to shake any industry it steps into. When Amazon purchased Whole Foods in 2017, the value of US grocery companies plummeted. When it bought online pharmacy company – PillPack, it led to a fall in the value of retail pharmacy companies. And lets not forget the pact with Berkshire and JP Morgan in the Insurance space (Read more about our story on Project “Haven”).
  • These days, Amazon is using AI-equipped cameras in delivery vans and some drivers are concerned about privacy.
  • Every year, Bezos liquidates a billion dollars’ worth of his own Amazon stock and puts it into his space expedition company – Blue Origin, which he founded in 2000.
  • Amazon has never paid a dividend since it went public in 1997!
  • The workers at Amazon’s warehouses are said to burnout more often than not. They are surveilled and controlled to an extraordinary degree – handheld devices direct their movements, measure their productivity, and record the speed and efficiency with which they meet algorithmically set targets.

At a warehouse in Staffordshire, workers were reported to be urinating in bottles because walking to the toilet and back could have led to them missing productivity targets, and ultimately losing their jobs.

 …Since the pandemic, there have been numerous reports, and video recordings, of Amazon drivers relieving themselves in public. (“The disgusting moment Amazon delivery driver is caught on CCTV ‘doing a poo’ outside customer’s home after dropping off parcel,” read the headline of an article in the Manchester Evening News,…

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