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About 3/4 of the year 2020, people spent most of their time in the confines of their homes. This led to people, especially #genZ turning to #onlinegaming to connect with people and kill time. The following are some facts and insights related to gaming: –

🎮The value of #gamingindustry increased 20% YoY in 2020 to $180 billion, which makes it bigger than global #movieindustry and North American Sports industry combined!

🎮With the influx of #4G speeds, #onlinegaming and mobile gaming in particular, gained more traction. In 2019 the #mobilegaming industry generated $68.5 billion in revenue – about 45% of the entire gaming industry. In 2020, there was a 45% rise in the number of gaming app installs YoY.

🎮Epic Games, the parent of #fortnite which generated $1.8 billion in 2019, was valued at around $17 billion in Jul ’20. In mid-March ’21, it raised funding at a #valuation of $28 billion!

🎮The popular gaming platform Roblox was valued at $4 billion in early 2020. In early 2021, it was valued at $28 billion. Now it is close to $40 billion.

🎮With the increasing popularity of #streamingplatforms like Twitch#microsoft, tried to enter the space with its own thing called mixer, but it didn’t succeed. It is now in talks to buy #gamingchat platform #discord at $10 billion.

🎮Gaming Cos. like Activision and Electronic Arts (EA) saw revenues rising more than 15% YoY. Nintendo saw a 80% rise & Tencent 29%.

🎮#esports became a $1billion industry in 2019 & is expected to cross $1.8billion by 2022.


Shreesha S
Shreesha S

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