TS #21 – AirBnB for Swimming Pools?

Swimply is a platform that acts as a marketplace for swimming pools. Just like how hosts can list their unused rooms or apartments for others to hang out, through Swimply, people can list their pools and make money out of it while the platform takes a small cut as its charge. It plans to go beyond pools to cover other outdoor activities like tennis and basketball courts etc.

The idea came to its current CEO Bunim Laskin, when he was in his late teens. To keep his younger siblings entertained, he asked his neighbor whether he could use her pool in return for its maintenance expenses. It got traction with other families nearby and this success made him start Swimply in 2018, when he was 20, with four pools in the New Jersey area.

It recently raised a $10M Series A round funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Trust Ventures, and some angel investors. In 2020, its sales grew by 4,000%, reaching “7 digits a month in revenue” and 15,000 to 20,000 in monthly reservations.

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