TS #30 – Flawless Lip-syncs

Flawless, a London-based startup has launched a product called TrueSync which is a tool that tries to make film translations seamless. The company claims to be “the world’s first system that uses Artificial Intelligence to create perfectly lip-synced visualisations in multiple languages“.

Previous forms of dubbing and subtitling have proven undesirable for the majority of audiences. Often damaging and degrading the content through script changes and loss of sync. These problems create a barrier of entry to otherwise quality material. Our process untaps the films true potential, retaining all the quality and immersion of the original. This uplift in potential audience drastically increases its given value.


What it claims, it delivers. Just look at the show-reel below that they posted on their Twitter. How cool is that!?

This is an improvement over the present deepfake technology. Deepfakes refer to content that is manipulated to show what the creator wants and is so flawless that it becomes difficult to distinguish between original and fake.

Deepfake in itself is considered to be one of the major threat actor in the AI suite. This being a more advanced deepfake does pose questions about its safe use.

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Shreesha S

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