TS #36 – Monetizing Your Voice

A company called Veritone, lets high-profile celebrities to synthesize their voice and license it in order to accelerate content creation.

The product, named Marvel.ai analyzes audio samples of the prospect and using AI and Machine Learning is able to replicate their voice to say anything! This can let influencers to work with many clients, in any language, all without ever saying a word! This can basically let anyone to create a copy of their voice and sell it for various purposes (doing voice-overs for audiobooks, commercials, and more).

With complete control over their voice and its usage, any influencer, personality, or celebrity can quite literally be in multiple places at once. This would open the door to a new level of scale that was not humanly possible before, allowing them to increase the number of projects, sponsorships, and endorsements they can do in any given year.

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Besides influencers and endorsements, it can also be used to recreate your childhood voice or even the voice of a loved one who passed away.

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Shreesha S

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