TS #38 Kinda New Wearable OS

On May 18 2021, Google announced the merger of it’s Wear OS with Samsung’s Tizen OS. The new smart wearables operating system will be called “Wear” although this might not be the final name.

This merger is huge boost for Google who’s Wear OS was, to put it lightly, not good. Wear OS had all the features to steer companies away from it, it’s lack of updates, bad battery optimization, it’s almost zero customizable UI all just encouraged big companies to move away in search for better alternatives or better yet create their own OS, which is the route Samsung took.

The new OS “Wear”, will have the best of Wear OS and Tizen combined into one single operating system. Björn Kilburn, Google’s lead project manager on Wear claims that you’ll soon be able to track your heart rate all day “without killing the battery,” and that it will have up to 30 percent faster performance, with animations and transitions that look more fluid.

How this merger will benefit Samsung? They get app support. Now since there’s only one OS “Wear” developers can focus on building apps for “Wear” and Apple’s Watch OS.

As for the people using Tizen OS watches, Samsung promises 3 years of software updates for it’s existing products, according to Wired and it will allow customer to export their health data to their new devices.

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