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The Thought Process

The human being is one greedy animal. He(she) craves for an endless supply of anything and everything, be it wealth, health or food. But Ironically, the abundance of information bores or even frightens him.

You can’t blame him though. The information overload can be overwhelming at times. That, coupled with the shortage of time people have in today’s fast paced world makes for a compelling argument.

But that can be solved by looking at things from a different perspective.

Founder’s Note

Business, Finance and Tech have always fascinated me. As a result I try to keep myself abreast in the space. Time and again I’ve had a fleeting thought to jot down what I found interesting and give my perspective on that. 2020 gave me the opportunity to give life to my “fleets”.

I started to write down my “snip analyses” in a blog. A couple of months into it, It got thousands of views and positive reviews about my take on some of the events. This has been the driving factor to start The Snippets Journal.

Shreesha S – Founder

This is not your news replacement. In fact, we consider ourselves as a supplement, breaking down some of the fine details you might have missed, that can be a game changer. You’ll never know!

Join us in our mission to build a community of curious minds! Support us by buying us a coffee.

Why The Snippets Journal?



The Snippets featured here are not mere news scoops. Each of them provide are packed with insights which stay relevant irrespective of the time factor.

Real Engagement


These Snippets are brief and comprehensive at the same time. This improves the knowledge intake efficiency of the reader.

Unique Stories

Carefully Crafted

The Snippets are carefully crafted and with just the right amount of information, making it effective and easy to consume.

A Primer On The Different Post Types

For better understanding and to maximize your knowledge intake, the posts are carefully crafted into the following categories: –

Snip Thread

A 500 – 800 worded short and concise analysis.

Tiny Snip

More like a small thread. Basically a tiny snippet.

Snip In Numbers

Small bits of interesting statistics.


Posts Written

The Team


Shreesha S

Founder, Head of Content Development

An avid reader and quizzer, spends most of his time reading some thing or the other. If not that, you can see him playing Call of Duty or binge watching TV shows!


Jerin Joseph

Social Media Strategy

You can see him scrolling through Instagram most of the time. During his spare time he likes to keep up with Auto/Tech news and play Valorant or Call of Duty!

Emil Eapen

Emil George Eapen

Social Media Strategy, Newsletter Editor

Movie/TV buff, loves anime and can read Game of thrones for hours and hours IF he gets his dose of black coffee! Loves to keep up with Auto/gaming trends.

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