Shreesha S

Shreesha S

Shreesha is a Qualified Certified Management Accountant(CMA) and Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis(CSCA).
Cover for Your Response Defines You

Your Response Defines You

Everyone goes through different experiences. These experiences cause you to respond to them in different ways. Such experiences over time shape our identities. Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity. What you do now is a…

SiN #92 – $28,400,000,000,000

That is National Debt of the United States of America as of June 2021 according to USDebtClock.org. It breached the $28 Trillion mark in March 2021. To put it in perspective, that amount($28 trillion) if distributed to every single person…

TS #48 – AR in the Building!

Consider this scenario – you are making a cable tower out of something like Play-Doh. Not that the end product may be sturdy enough, but if there appears any flaw, you can easily remold it back to how you actually…