Shreesha S

Shreesha S

Shreesha is a Qualified Certified Management Accountant(CMA) and Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis(CSCA).

SiN #91 – $605,008,000,000

That is the size of Foreign Exchange Reserves India has as of June 2021. It is just enough to cover less than 15 months imports. On the other hand, China has the world’s biggest ForEx reserves at $3.22 Trillion, which…

SiN #90 – 14.7%

That is the share of China in the Global Export Market in 2020 according to UNCTAD. It is followed by the US at 8.1%. Forty years ago, China’s share was less than 1% whereas USA held close to 10%!

SiN #89 – 82

That is the number of cars sold by the luxury supercar maker Bugatti in 2020 according to Bloomberg, which also says that its parent company Volkswagen AG is considering selling Bugatti to Croatian Electric Supercar Maker Rimac Automobili.

TS #46 – The Dire Need for Human Capital

With the growing demand for products and the economy as a whole growing exponentially these days post the pandemic slump, the need for human capital is also on the rise. Companies are courting employees by either incentivizing, keeping the bar…

TS #44 – Dr. Smart Toilet

The stool of a person can tell a lot about their gut health. But analyzing the stool is what is difficult for those who may have gastro-intestinal problems. This can lead to patients giving unreliable data for doctors to work…

TS #43 – Cecilia – The Bartending Robot

Meet Cecilia.ai, the bartending robot. It is the first robot bartender that can interact and chat with customers, which it does using conversational AI and voice recognition software. Developed by people at Israel’s GKI Group, Cecilia is basically a vending…


The Mega Media “Un-deal”

Prologue In any sector, the company that has a control over its whole vertical – from the underlying infrastructure to the products delivered through – tends to provide the best results both for the customer as well as the business…