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Shreesha S

Shreesha writes about Business, Finance and Tech for The Snippets Journal. He is also the Founder and Head of Content Development.

SiN #72 – 74.8%

That is the share of electric cars in the total passenger car sales in 2020, in Norway according to the World Economic Forum. This is attributable to its policy regarding waiver of the otherwise hefty import duties and taxes on…

SiN #70 – 75%

That is the percentage of world’s population that, according to Snapchat’s report, will frequently use Augmented Reality(AR) technology by 2025. The Snap Consumer AR Global Report 2021, done with the help of Deloitte Digital is based on interviews with 15,000+…

SiN #69 – $150 Billion

Globally, sustainable exchange-traded fund (ETF) assets hit $150 billion last year, vaulting 25 times higher than about $6 billion in 2015 according to MSCI. In 2020, sustainable ETFs saw record inflows of $75 billion, triple those seen in 2019.