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Lessons Learned From Tim Ferriss, SaaS Business Ideas For Only Fans and, More

My First Million – Episode #395

Why Listen To This?

  • Learnings from a conversation with Tim Ferriss
  • Interesting ideas relating to Only Fans.


Tim Ferriss

  • ‘15 – The concept of “An Artists’ Muse”.
    • Muse – a source of artistic inspiration.
    • You’re doing your muse a disservice if you’re not going big.
    • Big doesn’t mean the literal volume of the stuff you put out, when you invest a considerable amount of time in something, that can be called going big.
  • ‘16 – After you go all in on something and if fails, what then?
    • Anything great comes from staying at it.
    • Do things that give you the energy; No Energy = No Endurance.
  • ‘18 – The concept of rigging the deck in your favor.
    • Meaning – “How do I win even if this fails?”
    • He measures winning also as the following apart from the money and fame:
      • If the creative process of doing it is awesome;
      • If the people I meet along the way are awesome;
      • If the skills I get from doing this are gonna make me more awesome.
    • If the above 3 are done, no need to stress about the popularity and financial aspects as its a win either way, if not now, then in the future, in a bigger way.
  • ‘29 – Everything about Tim’s life is intentional and for a purpose.

Only Fans Opportunities(from ‘45)

  • Big Market; most people wont tread that side.
  • Only fans market cap – $2 Billion to $10 Billion
  • Problems – No one will buy them; Can’t go public.
  • No. of creators increasing day by day.
  • Bots to help creators better engage with the audience.
  • Better streaming capability like Twitch.

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