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TS #48 – AR in the Building!

Consider this scenario – you are making a cable tower out of something like Play-Doh. Not that the end product may be sturdy enough, but if there appears any flaw, you can easily remold it back to how you actually want it to look like. But what if you’re going to make the same thing out of metal? It will be difficult to remold, but still possible as metals used for construction are mostly pliable.

It won’t happen with something like concrete and lumber though, which are generally used to make most of the physical infrastructures. If there occurs any flaw with an actual infrastructural project, it can be expensive in terms of time and labor. An estimated 7-11% of construction project costs are spent on correcting errors.

The product of a UK based company XYZ Reality – HoloSite – attempts to help the industry avoid the cost of rework by “Building it Right First Time“.

HoloSite is an engineering-grade Augmented Reality(AR) solution that uses a headset to project a hologram of a 3D model representing what to be built, real-time, using AR. They claim the solution provides millimeter precision and proactive validation. The system uses a cloud platform, AR headset and propriety software that can be implement into current construction practices.

While it may look like a glorified motorcycle helmet, the technology could ultimately save up to 11% of costs on building projects, the result of errors introduced between the architectural sketches and the finished buildings, the company says. These errors cost the industry between £10bn and £25bn a year in the UK alone.


Our technology is the only solution that can be utilised to identify errors before they actually happen, in real-time, and prevent them from happening

David Mitchell – CEO, XYZ Reality

The company recently raised £20m in Series A funding. The product – HoloSite – has already been deployed in the construction of projects valuing more than £1.5bn, including in data centres, pharmaceutical facilities and airports.. The startup plans to use this latest raise to double its headcount over the next 18 months, to around 70 employees, and expand into the US.

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