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Analysis of Creators Who Make Over $50 Million/Year From YouTube And Some Less-Known Facts About Sam Altman

Source: My First Million on YouTube

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  • The hosts are serial entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout for interesting businesses and exploring business ideas.


  • ‘6 — More Plates More Dates
    • Gorilla Mind – Supplement Company
    • Merit health – TRT(Testosterone Replacement Therapy) Clinic: Does Hormone replacement, hair-loss treatment etc.
  • ‘9 — Kayla Itsenes
    • Fitness Youtuber.
    • Created Sweat app; sold for $400 Million
  • ‘10 — Mark Rober
    • A former NASA Engineer
    • Makes Engineering/Science Videos — “Testing if sharks can smell a drop of blood”, “World’s biggest T-Shirt cannon” etc.
    • Monthly subscription box; kinda like a “science kit”; enables you to build products yourself.
  • ‘11 — Ben Shapiro
    • Conservative News Guy
    • Owns “Daily Wire” – a subscription news media company; Just under 3-4 million years of existence
      • Anti-Mainstream Media
    • More than $100 Million a year in subscription revenue
    • Jeremy’s Razor:
      • Harry’s Razor was a sponsor of The Daily Wire.
      • They withdrew their sponsorship as they were not comfortable with the Pro-Right stance that the Daily Wire took. So thereafter, They spun off a Razor company called Jeremy’s Razor.
      • Jeremy is one of the co-founders of The Daily Wire.
      • They have an ad mocking Harry’s.
  • 15 — The Pat McAfee Show:
    • Does videos on NFL
    • Did a 4-year, $100 million deal with Fanduel for his NFL show.
    • Was also a commentator on WWE
  • ‘18 — Mindy McKnight:
    • Has 5 kids, all having different types of hairs.
    • The content revolves around how you can make cute hairstyles no matter your hair type.
    • She did a launch with Walmart for her product; second biggest launch with Walmart; Over $100 Million in sales.
    • Her YouTube channel has 5.3M subs and her twin daughters’ channel has >7M subs.
  • ‘31 — Billionaire of the week: Sam Altman:
    • Found Loopt in 2005 at age 19
    • Went through Y-Combinator, the founder of YC liked him, kept him as a partner and eventually was made President of YC
    • Excited in 2012 at $43 Million
    • Went on to create the Non Profit Org OpenAI(the startup behind ChatGPT); worth $40 Billion at the time.
    • Invested $375 Million check for a Fusion Company
    • Bagged $5M after exiting Loopt;
    • Was one of the first investors in Stripe.
    • Did some 40 deals and Petter Theil helped him raise a fund of $21M.
      • Some 5 out of the 40 gave 100x returns
    • When he was at his school in St Louis, a Christian group boycotted an assembly about sexuality.
      • Sam Altman takes the mic, announces that he is gay and asks the school whether they want to be a repressive place or a place open to different ideas.
      • The school counselor said that what Sam did changed the school forever.
    • He sold everything except the following:
      • A 4-bedroom house in San Francisco
      • His 5 Cars(McLarenss and Teslas)
      • A property in Big Sur(in case the world ends)
      • A reserve of $10 Million; the interest from that should cover hiss expenses and the remaining money, he can use for the good of humanity.
    • He once went to a meetup and someone asked him what he does for fun. His reply:
      • Likes racing cars
      • Likes to fly rented planes all around California.
      • Prep for survival:
        • He heard about some Dutch lab modifying some H1N1 virus to be super contagious; realized that the chance of a lethal synthetic virus being released is non-zero.
          • So he has guns, gold, potassium iodide, antibiotics, batteries, water, a gas mask from the Israeli defense force, and a big patch of land in Big Sur that he can fly to if the world ever ends.
    • He once was talking with Brian Chesky(founder of AirBnB) at YC:
      • Brian showed his presentation and said they could make $100M a year of revenue doing this.
      • Sam told Brian to add zeros to the number there and change the “M”s to “B”s.
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