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Making Money Is A Skill You Need To Develop

Source: The Sweaty Startup on Spotify

Why Listen To This?

  • Advice from a thriving entrepreneur.


  • ‘1 – Value does not necessarily equal Money.
    • Value is more comparable to utility than money.
  • ‘3 – Making money is a skill(by adding value);
    • When you think like that, it allows you to realize how you can get better at it;, whether through a business, profession, or getting better at your job.
  • ‘8 – Making money is a skill that has to be practiced.
    • Some facets that go along with making money:
      • Making Decisions
      • Communicating
      • Selling
      • Managing Expectations
    • Nurture these kinds of skills early on; have the fundamentals in place;
      • That helps in creating value and thus making money.
  • ‘12 – On Trading something for money
    • You can trade your time for money. But it doesn’t usually result in value creation.
    • Trading skills for money results in value addition and is better than the former.
  • ‘12 – The skill of making REAL Money is:
    • Build systems to oversee other people trading time or skill for money.
  • ‘13 – Get some experience in whatever it is that you want to do.
  • Get out there;
    • Start something
      • Fail
        • Learn from the failure
          • Lose, money and time
            • Take shots that miss
              • That is how you get better.
  • ‘14 – Start honing your skill
    • Start making money on the side.
      • Build a website, meet people, and sell them your product or service.
Shreesha S
Shreesha S

Shreesha is a Qualified Certified Management Accountant(CMA) and Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis(CSCA).

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