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Morgan Housel: On Reading and Writing

Source: The Danny Miranda Podcast on YouTube

Why Listen To This?

  • Morgan Housel is the author of the No. 1 Bestseller The Psychology of Money.


  • ‘13 — On writing:
    • Some words come to you, and sometimes it’s really difficult to write even one sentence.
    • When someone writes something,
      • More often than not, the author doesn’t know the point or the thesis of what they’re about to write.
        • The act of writing is what helps them to figure it out.
      • Writing gives depth to vague thoughts or gut feelings about some hollow ideas.
  • ‘18 — On Reading: Cast the widest net that you can, but have the tightest filter. — Patrick O’Shaughnessy
    • Attempt to read anything that interests you even the slightest. If it doesn’t capture your attention very quickly, close it and move on.
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