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Why Spotify Wrapped Is so Successful

Source: The Crazy Ones on YouTube

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  • Hosts Alex Liberman, Jessie Pujji and Sophia Amouruso are all serial entrepreneurs.


  • ‘8 — Why Spotify Wrapped is so successful?
    • It’s a Growth Loop → Something which once created, makes people share it driving more and more growth.
      • Essentially involves sharing by one user which drives sharing by others.
    • It uses the user data and gives something to the user which feels personal.
    • Lets users discover new songs, leading to more screen time.
    • It is advertising where the customers themselves take up the role of advertisers.
    • The triple-win:
      • The user posting Spotify Wrapped gets social cred:
      • The artists get visibility.
      • Other viewers get to discover new songs.
    • Shows data in a way that is cool and not creepy.
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Shreesha S

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