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How to Sell by Tyler Bosmeny

Source: YCombinator on YouTube

Why Listen To This?

  • He is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Clever, an Ed-Tech Company and before joining this company he worked with companies like PaperG, Jefferies & others.


  • ‘1 – Milestones measure your progress towards a bigger goal:
    • Don’t just make metrics up; it won’t help.
  • ‘8 – 2 things an early-startup founder should do:
    • Building the product; or,
    • Talking to Users.
  • ‘9 – Things that help in sales:
    • Passion
    • Industry expertise
  • ‘10 – The typical sales funnel:
    • Prospecting – Who is interested.
    • Conversations – Figuring out whether the product or service is right for them or not.
    • Closing – Making the sale.
    • Promised land(revenue) – The end goal.
  • ‘21 – Sales is about listening
    • It’s not about battering people with features until somebody breaks down or buys your product.
    • Instead, build relationships with people, understand their problems, understand what their needs are, and see if your product helps.
  • ‘28 – There is a lot of value in driving conversations to a “YES” or a “NO” quickly:
    • “NO”s – you can move on and start building pipelines with other people, who may turn into a “YES”.
    • Therefore, do relentless follow-ups.

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