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Mr Beast’s Manager on The Content Business

Source: Colin and Samir on YouTube

Why Listen To This?

  • Interview with Reed Duchscher, MrBeast’s Manager and CEO of Night Media.


  • ‘7 – Difficult to put a price on sponsorship for a video as views per video vary widely, like 270 Million to 50 Million.
  • ‘11 – Rationale behind multiple channels – to create multiple touch-points with the audience.
  • 18 – Have a good team to run a business:
    • Mr Beast hired CEO of another chocolate company, who as at the end of his Non-Compete, to run Feastables(his chocolate brand).
  • ‘19 – Creators have distribution, but retail businesses are people businesses, without the ability to manage people, it can turn into a disaster.
  • 20 – Creator Business revenue streams in descending order of importance:
    • Ad Sense
    • Brand Deals
    • Apparel
    • Content Syndication
    • Consumer Goods
    • Paywall Service
    • Memberships
  • ‘24 – Found Money – Money outside of AdSense, the manager is negotiating for.
  • ‘24 – The job of a manager – building relationships
  • ‘30 – Basic things creators should know about their business:
    • How you make money?
    • How much you’re spending?
    • Make sure you’re netting profit month over month and not just burning cash.
  • ‘35 – Difficult to build a community in the case of swipe content; where one video is less than 1 minute; people end up not remembering the name of the creator.
  • ‘41 – There are a lot of videos that are not posted because of other reasons like not having a proper thumbnail, Jimmy not liking the edit, etc.
    • It is difficult for the manager as these numbers have brand deals attached to them and the manager has to tell the brand the video is not happening.
  • ‘44 – Night Media has a character checklist that every creator they represent must have.
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