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Niche Business Breakdowns

Why Listen To This?

  • Analysis of an interesting business model.
  • Discussion on a framework for setting up successful businesses.


  • ‘7 – Content to Commerce Model:
    • Build a loyal audience through content like blogs or videos and later sell products to them.
    • Eg: HODINKEE for watches, and Flying Mag for Aviation related gears and accessories.
  • ‘16 – Find the metric that matters:
    • Facebook initially had lower total users than MySpace, but their Daily Active Users were higher than MySpace. People who saw that, knew the value of Facebook.
  • 23 – Parcast:
    • True-crime podcast
    • Fully scripted
    • Father-son founder duo, fully bootstrapped
    • Sold to Spotify after 5 years for $200 Million
  • ‘48 – UAB Framework for business:
    • UAB → Underutilised Assets Based businesses.
    • Uber, Airbnb, etc. created their businesses off of helping people make better use of their underutilised assets.
      • Other examples: Rapido

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