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Tim Urban on Idea Labs and High-Rung Thinking

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  • Tim is a writer who writes on diverse topics from AI to procrastination that is engaging and insightful. His work can be found at


  • ‘12 — High rung vs Low Rung thinking
    • High Rung thinking → You care about the truth.
      • You don’t identify with your views. The primary motivation is seeking truth.
      • Requires humility.
    • Low Rung thinking → You consider your belief to be a core part of your identity.
      • Eg. Religious/political beliefs.
      • It’s not thinking per se but an effort to confirm your existing beliefs.
      • You don’t like your views being challenged.
  • ‘15 — Idea Lab vs Echo Chamber:
    • Idea Lab:
      • It is an intellectual structure that values truth.
      • Basically collaborative high-rung thinking.
      • Disagreeing on something here is cool enforcing your conviction is not.
    • Echo Chamber:
      • Collaborative low-rung thinking.
      • The identity of the group is tied to the fact that the group believes in certain ideas.
      • It’s us vs them.
  • ‘19 — Idea Lab to Genie
    • Individual High-rung thinking minds come together to form an idea lab.
    • A big enough idea lab connected by language and writing becomes a super-intelligent brain called a genie.
  • 20 — Echo Chamber to Gollum
    • Its superpower is strength and scariness.
    • Everyone agrees on the same thing. We’re good, and they’re bad.
    • They’re a force of nature if not stopped, can be devastating.
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